Hi there, 
I'm Bethany! 

I am a Sports Dietitian, Mind Body Eating Coach, entrepreneur, dog momma, food lover and adventure seeker. 

My Journey

My passion has always been to help athletes fuel and nourish their body, but I realized the food itself is one piece to the puzzle. 

As a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics I understand how food plays an important role in fueling our body to perform at our best; however, I quickly realized the profound impact of the pressures of sport and diet culture have on a athletes relationship with food and body which can often impact performance in both sport and life. 

Too often I have seen athletes with disordered eating patterns and taking extreme diet approaches thinking it will benefit performance and support body composition changes, but in reality leads to low energy, delayed recovery, increased risk for injury and decreased performance. 

Time in nature fills my heart

I realized in order to truly help athletes fuel and nourish their body to perform at their best, together we would need to transform from the inside out.

To help athletes in a more holistic way I pursued a certification to become a Mind Body Eating Coach from the Institute of the Psychology of Eating.

With my unique combination of sports nutrition and eating psychology I am able to support athletes with practical fueling strategies for performance based on nutrition science, while also recognizing the importance of the mind body connection to support nourishment for life. 

I am a total foodie and my love for food and desire to help others is what inspired my desire to become a Dietitian!

My husband, Phil
Our 2 fur babies, Mya & Kona


Bethany resides in beautiful Washington State and is the owner of PNW Nutrition LLC. She has a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Nutrition and Clinical Physiology from Central Washington University as well as a Master of Science in Sports Nutrition from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She completed her Dietetic Internship at Bastyr University. To deepen her skillset and help athletes in a holistic way she became Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and Certified Mind Body Eating Coach. She has worked with recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes as well as in clinical and community settings. She is passionate about helping athletes fuel for performance while creating a nourishing relationship with food, body, and life. 


getting down to The nitty gritty


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for cows, not sure why but they bring me joy.


Although I would love to call myself a gardener, I can't say I have a green thumb yet! 


I am originally from Minnesoota so don't be surprised if you hear some drawn out vowels.


My favorite time of day is morning snuggles with our two sweet pups. 

A little look into my world!


Favorite indulgence

Pumpkin Pie


Hiking, DIY projects, Kayaking, Gardening

Season of choice

All things fall! 

I would love to learn


favorite place i've been

Thailand! My first international trip!

Favorite show

This is Us

can't live without

Burts Bees Chapstick

usually craving


beach vs mountains

Mountains for a hike

fearful of


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